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Why Choose Us
Our company was established in 2010 with six years of experience in SMT and 9 years experience of participate in the exhibition,also have rich and a wide range of stock.We employee experienced engineers with high skills in electronics repair. Shenzhen Fujintai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. We are specialized in the field of industrial PC boards and electronic control repair, and supply SMT/AI spare parts.

Our main business:
1) Supply & repair original JUKI spare parts.
2) Supply new and used original SMT feeders.
3) Supply copy SMT feeders and spare parts.
4) New and used SMT equipment and spare parts trade.
5) Supply SMT related equipment, etc.
6) Repair service for SMT/AI servo drivers, servo motors, industrial cameras, monitors, power supplies, circuit boards, electronic systems, etc.
7) Recovery original new (used and faulty) JUKI spare parts, CyberOptics lasers and CyberOptics cameras.

Here are some of the items that we repair on a regular basis.
CyberOptics lasers/ CyberOptics cameras: JUKI lasers (570, 620, 730, 740, 750, 760, 1070, 1080, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2055, 2060, 2070, 2080, KJ-01, KJ-02, FX-1, FX-2, FX-3, 3020R, JX-100, JX-200 laser units), TENRYU lasers, CP20, CP33, CP40 laser,Y88, YV180 lasers, FCM PPU lasers, Autotronik lasers, DEK cameras, etc.

CyberOptics laser models: 6604033, 6604035, 6604054, 6604061, 6601062, 6604096, 6604097, 6604098, 8000286, 8001017, 8005674, 8006268, 8007151, 8007810, 8008000, 8010518, 8101519, 8010398, 8015218, LAM-10-1, LAM-35-1, LAM-35-22, etc.

CyberOptics CBA20, CBA40 cameras, DEK cameras (graphite, green, gold, hawkeye): 133828, 145016, 145550, 155826, 181056, 181062, 181322, 190408, 191010, 191011, 191012, 191013, 191014, 191640, 191641, 191643, 191644, 198040, 198041, 198043, 198044, 198810, 198811, 198812, 198813, 198814 etc. Models: 8004806, 8008629, 8008630, 8008632, 8008633, 8008634, 8012979, 8012980, 8012982, 8012983, etc.

CyberOptics laser control cards: KG7-M4547-100, 6604030, 6604045, 6604067, 6604071, 6604083, 6604099, 8000289, 8005171, 8007156, 8010494, etc.

The repair capability of our company covers all industries: High tech equipment, laser control cards, MCM cards, I/O cards, CPU cards, SUB-CPU cards, IMG-CPU cards, image cards, vision cards, XMP cards, motor drivers, AC/DC servo motors, servo drivers, servo amplifiers, industrial monitors, industrial cameras, power supplies and a lot of other electronic/electric systems, no matter they are current or obsolete.

We provide our customers with the highest level of service and technical knowledge in repairing PC boards and electronic control products.

FUJINTAI provides on-site service too, and our engineers are able to pinpoint faults in machines.

FUJINTAI's employees are experienced engineers with high skills in electronics repair. We have a large library of diagrams and test procedures, which are available to our engineers for a quick repair and test of the equipment. Repair capability is even with no circuit diagrams. We make them out of the board!